Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is chat and collaboration software. It offers the ability to chat, share and store files, make calls, and host meetings.

NOTE: After downloading, enter your William & Mary email account at the Sign In page. You will then be routed to a Central Authentication System (CAS) login screen.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Mobile

A University Teams account is currently available to faculty and staff and can be installed on personal or University owned computers or mobile devices.

Which Departments typically used this software?
All academic and administrative departments.


Where can this software be installed (University owned/personal)?
Any university owned or personal laptop belonging to faculty, staff, or students.

Who has permissions to use this software?
Currently available to faculty and staff.

How can this software be used?

W&M contract term: N/A


Vendor Documentation
Microsoft Teams Help and Learnings

Training Resources
Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide
Microsoft Teams Video Training