Note: Create a Minitab folder on your desktop and save the license file to the folder. DO NOT delete or move the license file. Refer to the installation instructions.

Platform: Windows

VDI Remote Desktop (
William & Mary Computer Labs
Installation on your personal computer


What is the purpose of this software?
Statistical analysis software that automates calculations and the creation of graphs
Which departments typically use it? 
Business, Economics

License Restrictions

Who has permissions to use this software (fac/staff, students)?
Faculty, staff, and students
Where can this software be installed (University owned/personal)?
Any computer, university owned or personal belonging to an active faculty, staff, or student
How can this software be used?
Academic use only, not for profit
W&M contract term: 
8/1/20 – 7/31/21

Additional Vendor Documentation
Minitab Support
Training Resources